Looking for a home for your 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 metre motor boat?

Think Trafalgar Wharf Drystack, Portsmouth.

Trafalgar Wharf is attracting hundreds of boat owners, super yachts and marine-based businesses. And the jewel in its crown is the transformation of the huge hangar-like building into Europe’s largest indoor Drystack.

150 Members Signed Up

At 70,000 square feet, (imagine a Jumbo Jet hangar, with room to spare) the Drystack has a racking system where power boats and RIBs up to 13 metres are stored indoors. To see it -
slide on over to this video.

There’s something surreal about seeing Sunseekers, Sealines and Fairlines 60 feet up and indoors, protected from the Solent’s winter gales, but it’s the norm at Trafalgar Wharf.

“The Drystack is a key part of the jigsaw,” Jonny Boys told Boat Trader magazine.

“Although we have pontoons and hard standing and slipways, we discovered that more and more boat owners love the convenience of the indoor Drystack.

People want top class facilities. We quickly signed up 150 boat owners as founding mem
bers. The great thing is that they have really helped us refine the service even more since we opened.“

Member Services

“For example, we’ve introduced valet re-fuelling, unlimited launches and free fresh water wash-off to make life easier. We have invested over a million pounds in two giant Wiggins forklifts and infrastructure to lift and launch boats within minutes. With full-tidal access and light summer evenings, two forklifts mean even faster turnaround times.”

Boutique Marina For Sleepovers Planned

Some boat owners, particularly the traditional marina-berthed 8, 9, and 10 metre boating weekenders, have mentioned that the Drystack doesn’t allow for sleeping aboard overnight.

Jonny Boys recognises this and he has a plan for Trafalgar Wharf to solve it.

“Lots of boat owners want to use their boats like a second home, particularly at weekends. If you come down on Friday or Saturday, then it’s natural to want to use your boat to stay overnight.

Traditionally, Drystacks haven’t been able to offer that. But at Trafalgar Wharf, we think boat owners should get the best of both worlds. We’re planning a boutique marina, where Drystack clients can stay overnight on their boats.

It’s all the convenience of the Drystack coupled with all the social advantages of a marina.”

Save on Maintenance and Retain 15% More Value

The indoor Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf has several practical and financial advantages over the traditional marina environment.

Firstly, boat owners spend
less money on maintenance. Maintaining a 10-metre boat stored at a marina costs, on average, more than £2,000 per year – with the Trafalgar Drystack it’s less than £300 a year, a saving of £1,700

There’s also the time factor. Kiss goodbye to hours of scrubbing, fixing and polishing.

Boats stored in a Drystack facility hold their market value because their condition is better and brokers attach a premium of 10-15% for boats that have been stored in this way.

2013 Special Sea Start Offer For Sunseekers, Sealines, Fairlines and premier motoryachts over 8 metres.

Because the Trafalgar Drystack has been set up from scratch, Jonny Boys has been able to offer many services that boat owners haven’t had traditionally.

“I have built our offer on what owners told us they wanted.  For example, we introduced Sea Start (the RAC for boat owners) and are even considering a replacement boat  service. The last thing we want is for someone to miss out on their boating weekend through no fault of their own. It’s all part of the service.”

8-12 metre boat owners are being offered free Sea Start membership worth several hundred pounds when taking out an annual Drystack membership. Contact the team at Trafalgar Wharf and mention "SeaStart offer" to arrange your free tour.

For videos, more information and testimonials visit www.thedrystack.com
Telephone 023 9270 6384
email info@thedrystack.com

I choose to keep my boat at the Drystack. The team are really responsive, friendly and have a can-do attitude. I don’t have to worry about maintenance. Great value for money and a great service.”

Jeff Alsford, “Sea Pearl, Hunton 43”

  • No tidal restrictions
  • Unlimited launches
  • Customer showers
  • Bar/Restaurant
  • Free guest nights for friends
  • Free fresh water wash-off
  • Free hull inspection
  • Free car parking
  • Free rubbish disposal
  • Professional and fully trained friendly staff
  • Open 7 days-a-week until late
  • On-site security and CCTV
  • 20 minutes from car park to open Solent
  • Just 5 minutes from the M27
  • Electricity and water
  • Toilets
  • Free Taxi
  • Free WiFi
  • Competitions to win Free Storage
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