Marinas Portsmouth

If you have never visited our Marina in Portsmouth then please do.

If you are looking to store you boat on the Solent you might want to grab our "25 Extra Questions You Must Ask About Boat Storage On The Solent Guide."

We are proud of our service and we have many happy boat owners that come back every year.

Why? Here's what they say in their own words...

"Just to thank the team for a great attitude and service from them all, at no time since moving the boat to TW have I ever been greeted with anything other than a smile and “what do you need”. I came over this morning as the boat was outside on a working platform waiting for an engineer to find her safe and dry inside. Luke made the call yesterday based on the forecast to put her inside and text me to let me know, although the phone he text is sitting in the mud under your waiting pontoons, how would he know that! What a great service, thanks in particular to Luke and Flipper. Good team and great service."

So why couldn’t we do this 20 years ago?! I have used marinas for most of that time, lifting out for the annual scrub and anodes, wondering just how soggy the GRP really is….and then I found Trafalgar Drystack. The sums make you grin – virtually half the marina price, unlimited lifts onto the water or a service rack, no anti fouling, no anode wear and when you arrive ‘she’ is waiting for you! Result! Luke and the team are really friendly and approachable, while watching your pride and joy float through the air on two prongs is just plain weird! The yard is spotless, great tea shack, and great to sit watching the ‘dance of the forklifts’ at the day’s end. If you can’t stay to see ‘her’ stored away (or be there when she’s launched) they send you a text to confirm she is safely tucked up in bed, dry, locked and frost free. Efficient, confident, secure, fun – and so cool!

P Baxter. (Owner of Grebe, Seaward 25 motor launch)

Boat owners recommend us and we'd love to have you onboard too.

The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf is a great addition to the marina facilities in Portsmouth.  

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