Trafalgar Wharf Facilities

Because you never know when you might need help it’s great to know that Trafalgar Wharf's Drystack clients have immediate access to all these services: Boat Valeting and Car Valeting, Engine Servicing and Flushing Facilities, Tube and Boat Repair and on site Brokers

Here are some more great reasons you should consider storing your motorboat, RIB or Speed boat at Portsmouth’s premier drystack.

Valet Fuelling Service

No more waiting at the pump, or hanging around to pay for your fuel. We have officially opened our new valet fuelling service! Now, not only will your boat be waiting on the pontoon for you when you arrive, but she'll be fuelled and ready to go. What a better way to start a lovely day out on the water.

Free taxi ride for Drystack customers
Bring us your boat to store and we’ll pay for a taxi back to your home port for you, (within a 20 mile radius) The Drystack office will be able to book this for you.

New Toilets/Showers
Toilets and showers are located near reception. 

All you have to do to use it is contact the The Drystack office and they will give you the details.

Marina Tenants
There’s a great community and range of tenants and services from engine repairs to stainless steel fabricators at Trafalgar Wharf. A list of tenants and services on site is available at the The Drystack office. But it’s even easier just to click here to read about them.

Wi-Fi Internet
Wi-Fi is available at Trafalgar Wharf. Please contact the The Drystack office and they’ll sort out access for you.

Security Entrance Barrier
The barrier is controlled by a key fob system. There’s a £10 deposit that’s refunded when the fob is returned. Or we keep the £10 if you lose your key. (It won’t make us rich though). The fobs are only available to tenants and clients of the marina.

The marina is secured by a controlled gate and patrolling security in the evenings and at night. And it’s really difficult to steal a boat from a drystack that’s anything up to 40 feet off the ground!

We welcome your contractors
Should you require any repair work carried out on your boat while at the marina - no problem. Just ask them to register with the The Drystack office when they get here. By the way, they have to have third party liability insurance in place for a minimum value of £2,000,000.

Dogs are loved. But please make sure they are on a lead as we don’t want any injuries. Please prevent them from fouling and should an “accident” happen you know what to do!

Marina Terms & Conditions
Paperwork... unfortunately there’s always admin to do! These are available from the The Drystack office. Our insurers and solicitors tell us we have to assume that all customers have read, understood and will abide by these regulations and that we say as much. So now we have.

Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf have great facilities.

Come and visit us and grab a free cup of tea and a show round!

Call us today on 023 9270 6384

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